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What Our Clients Say

“Goes the extra mile”

Brandon is an absolute pleasure to work with for our brands: iHeartRaves and INTO THE AM. Brandon goes the extra mile to ensure our requests are met and he's landed us some amazing placements through HARO link building!

Brian Lim

CEO & Founder
iHeartRaves & INTO THE AM

“High quality results and continued responsiveness”

I have been using Brandon and his HARO link building service for about a year and a half, and I am very pleased with the high-quality links and continued responsiveness.

Aaron Randhawa

Technical Director
The Forked Spoon

“Does the hard outreach work and produces the results”

Brandon and his team are beasts at what they do. I've used other SEO agencies in the past, but they're the rare team that really does the hard outreach work and produces the links. Highly recommended.

Jeff Parke

Top Fitness Magazine

The Problem

Getting featured in high-value publications is hard work. Doing it consistently is even harder.

Every day, journalists using Help a Reporter Out are bombarded with pitches from brands trying to get coverage for their products or services.

As a business owner, you find yourself struggling to gain traction with media coverage. You may view it as:

  • Time consuming
  • Resource intensive
  • Confusing and difficult
  • Not generating results

The Solution

We've spent thousands of hours testing HARO strategies and analyzing results to figure out what works in a pitch...and what doesn't.

Our HARO link building service has helped hundreds of brands get picked up by major media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, HuffPost, and more.

We help your brand stand out from the noise.

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How We Elevate Your Brand with HARO Link Building Services

Relationship Building

Not sure how to approach journalists on HARO? 

Well, we've built relationships with journalists in every industry over the past decade, and we know exactly what they're looking for in a pitch.


Tired of wasting precious time reading through long HARO requests?

Every day, we scour through hundreds of media requests, identifying relevant HARO queries to pursue.

Pipeline Management

Worried about not being able to send HARO pitches yourself every day? 

We build a consistent pipeline of outreach to ensure you have the best chance of getting featured on relevant topics.

Professional Copywriting

Crafting a HARO pitch requires extensive research and excellent writing skills.

Our copywriters are highly vetted and are able to consistently write a compelling, attention-grabbing subject line and pitch that delivers impactful results.

Strict Deadlines

Journalists on HARO have tight deadlines and often need responses within hours, which can be tricky.

Our workflow is designed to respond quickly and consistently meet those HARO deadlines while delivering the best pitch, ensuring placements on the most coveted publications.

Quality of Publications

We use the Domain Rating (DR) metric from a digital marketing tool called Ahrefs to help us determine the overall quality of a link.

Only high authority backlinks with a score above DR 40 will be counted toward your purchase.

Harness the Power of Reporter Outreach Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start seeing published articles?

For HARO link building campaigns, on average, it takes 3-4 weeks of consistent HARO outreach to start seeing published articles and high quality backlinks.

In some cases, it can be sooner, or longer, depending on the industry. We're at the mercy of each publisher's editorial calendar.

The key to successful link building is to build a consistent pipeline of HARO outreach for relevant requests. The work we do in month 1 typically yields links in month 2, and so on.

We do, however, see HARO links in a matter of a few days on occasion. We constantly monitor for mentions of your band using Google Alerts and other tools.

Do you write the content for each pitch?

Yes, we have a team of highly-skilled, native copywriters who conduct extensive research and write compelling copy.

Additionally, all of our content is passed through Grammarly and Copyscape to ensure the content is grammatically correct and free of plagiarism.

If you prefer to write the content yourself, we guide you through our process and optimize each piece of content for the best chance of getting published.

Why should I invest in Reporter Outreach?

Getting your brand featured on high quality, relevant publications by building links from HARO increases your visibility and builds brand awareness.

In addition, link building is a critical component of any SEO strategy.

In fact, backlinks and content are the two biggest ranking factors for Google.

Google looks at links as "votes of confidence".

If a publication is willing to include links to your website in their content, it's telling Google that your website is trustworthy.

How do you guarantee links? 

Based on the package that you select, we guarantee that we will get your specified number of articles published with a link included.

However, we can't guarantee placement on a specific website, as we're at the mercy of each journalist and their editor.

We keep working until all of your links have been published, and we only count websites that are above DR 40.

If we get your brand featured and the site only mentions your brand without a link, that is considered free press for your brand and is not counted toward your link building purchase.

How do syndications work? 

Content syndication is the process of distributing an article to multiple websites. This can help increase exposure for your content and attract new readers, an added benefit of HARO link building.

As an example, let's say we get published on the media outlet, GoBankingRates, which has a DR of 80, and has monthly organic traffic of 2.4M.

The article gets syndicated to Yahoo, which has a DR of 92, and has monthly organic traffic of 61.8M.

Awesome, right? 

In terms of how this is applied to your purchase, only 1 syndication per article is counted when the site is above DR 70.

This ensures top-tier HARO placements, which typically have extraordinary monthly organic traffic, and can lead to referral traffic.

In this example, the syndication to Yahoo increased exposure 25x more than if it was only published on GoBankingRates.

What anchor text is used? 

The majority of the time, the link is branded anchor text that points back to your home page. This is out of our control, as this is the general nature of the way articles are written.

For example, the article will say something like: 

According to Johnny Appleseed, CEO of AppleTree.com, "the best apples are Fuji apples."

However, if you have robust blog content, we can sometimes reference a blog post to support what we're writing in our pitch. In some cases, a journalist will link back to your blog post.

In this example, if you had some content about Fuji apples, we would try using that in our HARO pitch.

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