Boost Your SEO with Powerful Link Insertions

Are you looking to take your website's SEO to the next level? Unlock the hidden potential of your online presence with our expert link insertion service.

With our data-driven approach, we'll help you build a powerful backlink profile that boosts your Google rankings and drives organic traffic.

We've built relationships with over 200 SaaS, Technology, and eCommerce publishers that consistently create high-quality content.

By placing editorial links within the content flow of real, aged, and relevant blog posts, we can give you a natural backlink that looks great to Google - and actually moves the needle.

Why Choose Link Insertions for SEO?

Link insertions are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your website's visibility and authority. Here's why they are an indispensable part of any successful SEO strategy:

Building Authority and Trust: Google loves authoritative websites that provide valuable content and resources. By strategically placing link insertions on high-quality, reputable sites within your niche, you can leverage their authority and establish trust with Google.

Enhancing Backlink Profile: Backlinks are a key ranking factor in Google's algorithm. Each link acts as a vote of confidence, signaling to Google that your content is valuable and deserving of higher visibility. As your backlink profile grows stronger, Google is more likely to view your website as a reliable source, resulting in increased organic traffic.

Positioning for Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are specific, highly targeted phrases that often have lower competition. By incorporating link insertions with anchor text containing long-tail keywords, you can optimize your website for these less competitive phrases. As Google crawls the web and identifies these contextual links, it helps your website rank higher for the targeted long-tail keywords, driving organic traffic from users searching for those specific terms.

"Partnering with Reporter Outreach and utilizing their link insertion service has delivered some crazy good links! These aren't your average, run-of-the-mill links that you can get anywhere - these are legit!"
Rod Austin
Marketing Director | Localize

Our Turnkey Approach

Editorially Placed

We place your backlinks naturally and strategically, working with you to identify keywords and target pages.

High Domain Rating

We only work with SaaS, Tech, and eCom sites that are DR 50+ and have over 1K Monthly Traffic, as displayed by AHREFS.

DoFollow Links

All link insertions are guaranteed to be DoFollow and permanent. In a rare event a link is removed, it will be replaced.

Professional Outreach

Our outreach team is highly trained to spot the right opportunities and make the connection with each writer or editor.

Quality Content

We only target quality articles that are written professionally and have the chance to rank in Google.

Full Reporting

We keep you up to date on the progress of your campaign so you know when each link is published.

Examples from Our Roster

DR 50+

DR 60+

DR 70+

Link Insertion Pricing

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Permanent DoFollow
AHREFS Traffic
Outreach specialist
Real sites with real traffic. No PBNs or junk.




Link Insertion Pricing

DR 40+

Permanent DoFollow
AHREFS Traffic 1,000+
Outreach specialist
Real sites with real traffic. No PBNs or junk.

DR 60+

Permanent DoFollow
AHREFS Traffic 5,000+
Outreach specialist
Real sites with real traffic. No PBNs or junk.

DR 80+

Permanent DoFollow
AHREFS Traffic 10,000+
Outreach specialist
Real sites with real traffic. No PBNs or junk.

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